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Your entire business at your fingertips.

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Grow your retail store with our intuitive point of sale

Powerful operations with hundreds of integrations to help control all aspects of your business. Automate inventory management, accept contactless payments and allocate staffing, all in one platform.

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Automate your inventory

Our Market Driven Inventory Management™ analyzes sales patterns, uncovers trends and forecasts the weeks ahead, all with the touch of a button.

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Expedite checkout

Accept digital and contactless payments in seconds. Manage all returns quickly and accurately with or without a receipt for an elevated customer experience.
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Strengthen your brand

Build customer loyalty with our royalty free Rich Rewards program and reward your customers with special discounts and pricing.

Powerful integrations that scale your business

From capturing the digital audience by promoting your products online, to managing your workforce with unique business insights, we offer integrated tools with just a few clicks.

Drive the digital audience to your store by syncing your unique Paladin inventory to Google.

Expand the reach of your Paladin inventory with the latest addition to our e-commerce offerings – Ez-Ad EzCommerce.

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Leverage forecasted sales data to graph and build optimized work schedules for your employees.

Guard against theft and shrinkage with our integration to Watcher Total Protection.

Easy to learn, easy to profit

Get your store up and running in hours, not days. Our intuitive system requires minimal training and setup so you can get to servicing your customers quicker..

Secure credit card processing and sales tax compliance

We develop with the latest technology to protect you, your business and your customers.

Sales Tax

Easy-to-adjust tax rate fields within Paladin allow you to quickly update tax rates as needed. We also integrate with Avalara AvaTax™ to automate tax collection, filing, and compliance.

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End2End Encryption

Credit card data is encrypted as it moves between your store and the credit processor, making it useless to cyberattacks.

EMV or “Chip Cards”

Increased security for you and your customer. Chip cards are nearly impossible for thieves to counterfeit.

Independent retailers love us

“We went from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century in three hours. It was one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made.”

Tim Horton

Horton & Sons

“I made back last year, conservatively, three times the amount I invested in Paladin.”

Lance Cox

Coos Curry Supply

“Paladin keeps everything in alignment when doing invoices and quotes. It helps keep the business on track and organized.”
Brianna McClain

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