Complete Control of Your Inventory

Have the right amount to meet customer demand, check inventory performance, and cut out products that don’t sell.


Suggested Ordering

Eliminate hours of price shopping, lower your inventory investment, and keep the right mix of products on hand.


Monitor the performance of your inventory in real-time. Use the built-in tools to identify problem areas requiring your attention.


Slow Movers Report

Create more space in your store by eliminating products that don’t sell. Replace them with items that will make you money.


Automate sales weeks in advance. PromoBuilder will mark down an entire department, a few items, or the entire store. All prices return to normal after the sale. Nothing to forget. PromoBuilder does it all.

Designed For All Users

Easy access to all functions with Paladin’s user friendly graphic display.

Minimal Training

New users become productive in a short period of time.

Large Icons

Easy to read and understand. Users find what they need quickly.


Move smoothly from one function, to another, and back again.

Dramatically Reduce Ordering Time with Supplier Integrations

Paladin’s hardware point of sale uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to transmit orders directly to your biggest supplier. Order confirmation is returned through Paladin to save even more time.

Make it Easy for Customers to Spend More

Fast Checkout

Paladin’s user friendly graphic display, barcode scanners, and credit card readers work together to move customers through check-out as quickly as possible.

Custom Pricing

Create custom pricing plans for individual customers. Offer to-the-trade, frequent buyer, or percentage based discounts, while Paladin helps you protect your profit margin.

Credit Card on Hand

Customers spend freely and speed through checkout with their credit card data is securely stored in Paladin Point of Sale.

Project Account Management

Help your contractors keep track of purchases for individual jobs. Strengthen your relationship with these important customers by helping them improve cost accounting.

Switching to Paladin is Easy

When your new system arrives, it’s ready to go to work.

How Installation Works

The Paladin system that arrives at your door has received a lot of attention from a group of very talented people.

We Convert and Install Your Data

Inventory, accounts receivable, customer data, sales history, and everything you need will be on your new system.

Dedicated Representative to Help Get You Started

After installation you’ll have direct access to your own account manager to answer all your questions.

A Screen that Means Business

Paladin’s user interface is easy to learn and operate with minimal training.

Reliable | Trusted | Intelligent

Our clients count on Paladin’s hardware point of sale to keep track of their inventory, their customers, and allow them to access the information they need to run their business better.

“One of my employees swore he would never operate a computer. He now teaches me how to do point of sale transactions”.

Lance Cox

Coos Curry Supply

“I can now truthfully recommend my P.O.S. system to people and feel really good about it”.

Joe DiSano

Village Ace Hardware

We’re doing more inventory management and not having too much on hand, to prevent all our money sitting in the basement”.

Jo Lynn Weist

Weist Hardware

What do retailers ask before they switch to Paladin?

Read the frequently asked questions to see what retailers ask before they switch to Paladin Point of Sale.

Secure Credit Processing and Sales Tax Compliance

Paladin uses the latest technology to protect you, your business, and your customers.

Sales Tax

Easy-to-adjust tax rate fields within Paladin Point of Sale allow you to quickly update tax rates as needed. Paladin Point of Sale also integrates with Avalara AvaTax™ to further simplify tax collection, filing, and compliance.

End2End Encryption

Credit card data is encrypted as it moves between your store and the credit processor, making it useless to internet thieves.

Support for EMV or “Chip Cards”

Greater security for you and your customer. Chip cards are nearly impossible for thieves to counterfeit.

Looking for Lumber Specific Features?

We have a complete chest of tools to make selling lumber easier and more profitable.

Are you a multi store? Check out our Multi Site Point of Sale!

Are you a multi store? Check out our Multi Site Point of Sale!

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