Powerful Inventory Management

Automate inventory chores with our suite of inventory features.

Market Driven Inventory Management™

Put your data to work with our proprietary algorithms that forecast products your customers will purchase in the weeks to come.

Dashboard and Tools

Monitor the performance of your inventory in real-time. Use the built-in tools to identify areas requiring your attention.

Suggested Order™ & Order Analyst™

Eliminate hours of price and margin hunting. Lower your inventory investment, and keep the right mix of products on hand.

We are 100% USA-based and available 24/7

“Paladin offers the best customer support of any company we do business with. Everyone that handles a case treats me with complete respect.”

– Ronnie Garner, Sanders Hardware

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Intuitive User Interface

Easy to learn and simple to use with the information you need when you want it.


Hundreds of Supplier & Business Integrations Hardware Stores Love

We leverage EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to communicate orders directly with your suppliers, which saves a ton of time every week. We also offer a robust API to integrate with third-party applications that put your data to work across all aspects of your business.

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.

Northwest Hardware

“Paladin is a lot more intuitive than the system we had before. I also like Paladin’s method of development. Things are constantly being improved and added.” – TJ Comstock

Success Story ➞

Clinton Hardware

“With my old system, you had to be a computer genius to do anything. I can do everything by myself in Paladin. I have full confidence in it keeping my store stocked but not over-stocked. I love it.” – David Billman

Success Story ➞

Tightwads Building Supply

 “We have pretty lofty goals, pretty bold. We started with three terminals; we’ve already added a fourth because we’re doing so much business with Paladin.” – Josh Hanson

Success Story ➞

Lumber Tools That Are Easy to Use

Thousand Board Foot Conversion

Easily convert “mill unit” pricing to “customer each” pricing. Quickly calculate costs in thousand board foot, thousand square foot, tons, or multiples.

Special Orders & Yard Orders

Protect confidential contractor prices while ensuring vehicles are loaded accurately. Yard orders include all sale details except pricing information and payment method.

Job Account Management

Build your relationship with contractors by helping them track purchases for individual projects. Historical invoices for any job are created upon request.


Reach more customers with our intuitive delivery app. Schedule time windows in adjustable 5-minute increments, sort by time and attach photos of completed deliveries.

Centralized Management for Multi-stores

Capitalize on your inventory investment with centralized management across all locations. Transferring products in real-time between stores is a breeze with automated back-office and accounting adjustments. Our secure and powerful multi-store offering provides a real-time view of a single location or your entire enterprise.

Switching to Paladin is Easy

We provide dedicated account managers who are with you from the start.

Introduction to your Dedicated Account Manager

A Paladin expert is with you from the start to answer all of your questions, walk you through the implementation process and ultimately prepare you for a successful experience with Paladin.

We Install the Software and Prepare Your Data

Paladin experts work hand-in-hand with your suppliers and representatives to configure the software, install your data and complete the conversion in a timely fashion.

We Come On-site to Ensure a Smooth Go-live Process

A Paladin training specialist visits your store to personally work with your team making sure they are proficient and positioned to be successful on the new system.

“Paladin was very easy to work with to get started and even sent someone from Bend, Oregon to Tennessee to do hands-on training at my store. They are always available to talk with me and teach me how to do anything that I don’t know how to do.”

Cole Reed

Reed’s Builders Supply

Secure Credit Card Processing and Sales Tax Compliance

We develop with the latest technology to protect you, your business, and your customers.

Sales Tax

Easy-to-adjust tax rate fields within Paladin allow you to quickly update tax rates as needed. We also integrate with Avalara AvaTax™ to automate tax collection, filing, and compliance. 

End2End Encryption

Credit card data is encrypted as it moves between your store and the credit processor, making it useless to cyberattacks. 

EMV or “Chip Cards”

Increased security for you and your customer. Chip cards are nearly impossible for thieves to counterfeit.

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