About Paladin Data Corporation

Paladin Data Corporation is a leading provider of retail technology that automates complex and time-consuming business operations. Our intuitive platform and innovative products enable end-to-end automation including: ordering, advertising, in-store marketing, customer management, mobile, e-commerce and our proprietary Market Driven Inventory Management™.

With 40 years of retail experience and top-class 100% USA-based support, we provide stores the peace of mind knowing operations are efficient and effective.

How We Got Here

1980 The Beginning

Native Oregonians, Dan and Judie Nesmith moved to Bend in 1980 for the abundant blue skies and recreational lifestyle. As business computers were becoming more common, Dan saw the need for a computerized point of sale software solution for the hardware store and lumber/building industries. Within a few months, he was writing code and collaborating with friends to develop our first software product. 

Mid-1980s New Heights

By the mid-1980s, our software was in many stores and was exchanging supplier information electronically using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) — an advanced technology for the time. 

1990 Business-Built Intelligence

In 1990, we introduced new inventory management features that were revolutionary in the business software world. 

Mid-1990's Time to Take Flight

By the mid-1990s, our company was ready to expand beyond the Pacific Northwest. To make this opportunity a reality, Dan and Judie became private pilots and bought an airplane. 

2005 A Technology Makeover

In the mid-2000s, we took the knowledge gained from 25 years of experience and created a completely new business software package for the Windows platform. 

2007 Taking Us to a New Level

In 2007, Mike Williamson became our general manager and brought his great intuition and business skills. 

2015 Rapid Growth

We purchased a 4.7-acre corporate campus in Bend, Oregon, with 27,000 square feet of office space and an additional 15,000 square feet available for future expansion. 

2017 The Business Jet

Our company purchases its fifth plane, and first business jet.

2019 Expansion

Our company opens an office in Arizona allowing us to continue our rapid growth.


Mike, Dan and the growing Paladin team continue to help businesses achieve greater prosperity and a profitable future through innovative technology solutions. 

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