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Paladin’s Inventory Management Makes Every Kernel Count

Protect your profits in a rapidly changing market.


Instantly evaluate the performance of your inventory investment. Use the embedded tools to find trouble spots and take immediate action.


Suggested Order™

Spend less time price shopping, lower your overall inventory investment, and still keep the right amount of product on hand for your customers. 

Profit Analyst™

See your cost, profit, and margin for each line item as you create invoices and quotes. Built-in safeguards protect your preset minimum margin. 

Want a Quote?

Features to Sell Items You Already Have

Custom Kits

Blend and sell your own premium brand of animal feed. Combine any number of items under a single SKU. Paladin keeps your recipe a secret while tracking each component.

Tonnage to Sales Unit Conversion

Convert the price of large bulk quantities to smaller saleable units. Buy big, repackage, and resell. Offer something your competitors can’t.

Our Installations

The Paladin Point of Sale system that ships to your business is more than the sum of its parts. It represents weeks of work by many talented individuals who strive to make the transition easy for stores.

Learn more about the steps involved to build a system that works for you.

Show Your Customers How Much You Care

Speed up the check-out process and give them the individual attention they love.

Custom Pricing

Retain regular customers with special pricing. It’s easier to reward your regular customers with discounts on the products they need most often.

Credit Card On-Hand

It’s easy for customers to spend and speed through check-out when their credit card data is securely stored in Paladin Point of Sale.


Inventory On Hold

Ensure repeat business. Set aside products for customers who need to buy on a regular basis. Guarantee multiple recurring orders every month.

MobileDo you Deliver?


Send delivery drivers on the road with a smart phone or tablet running Mobile2Deliver™ and you’ll be able to see and manage deliveries throughout the day. Signatures, photographs, quantity changes, and notes from drivers are immediately available in Paladin Point of Sale.

What Is Everyone Saying About Paladin Point of Sale?

“Paladin keeps everything in alignment when doing invoices and quotes. It helps keep the business on track and organized.”

Brianna McClain

Employee, Foster Feed

“The system is very manageable.  You don’t need a tech degree or a background in software to figure it out.  Using the system is very easy and intuitive.”

Juan Esparzo

Employee, White Lumber & Supply, Inc.

“Thanks to Paladin POS, our turns increased and are now higher than industry average”

Stew Weis

Owner, Montana Ace

Read the FAQ's That Retailers Ask Before Shifting to Paladin

What do other store owners ask before shifting to Paladin’s feed and seed point of sale? Read all the questions and their answers.

Paladin Provides the Tools You Need to:


Enhance your bottom line


Increase profits


Improve customer retention


Speed-up the check-out process

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