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Save Time, Increase Efficiency, and Protect Your Business

Take advantage of these essential services that integrate seamlessly with Paladin Point of Sale.

Services to Automate, Enhance, and Protect

Avalara simplifies your tax obligations by combining real-time tax calculation and fully automating sales tax compliance for your business. Avalara is based in the cloud so any time tax laws or rates change, your business is always up to date.

Dell has built its worldwide reputation by providing industry leading products and support. Paladin Data Corp configures all new systems on Dell computers to ensure the reliability and stability of your point of sale system.

Lexmark delivers fast and reliable laser printers with high paper capacity and superior toner yield. Lexmark printers require little attention so you can keep working without interruption.

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In addition to selling Microsoft products, we create and develop our robust dependable software by harnessing the power of Microsoft technologies. Our experience allows us to build our own stable and flexible product that helps your business thrive.

Paladin Point of Sale now integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline your accounting. You can quickly reconcile purchase orders with invoices, reduce keystroke errors, and increase the accuracy of real-time cash forecasting.

As a Paladin partner, OpenEdge, a division of Global Payments, improves the speed and security of retail payment processing. Benefits include competitive pricing, quick enrollment, technical and merchant care support, PCI assistance and breach protection.

RetailerSoft created Margin Master, to help retailers strengthen their bottom line by enabling them to analyze their current retail pricing. When RetailerSoft became a Paladin partner, we provided an open database connection so clients could continue to use RetailerSoft to further enhance their profitability.

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Star Micronics produces a full line of fast, reliable, thermal printers specifically for point-of-sale applications. A Paladin partner since 1993, these printers have proven to be a stable component of our point of sale system.

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Complete computer protection that includes antivirus, anti-spam, web security, ransomware protection, and data security for your PCs. Offered to our customers through our Managed Security™, powered by Trend Micro, gives you extra security against advanced threats.

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Since becoming a Paladin partner in 2007, Vantiv has proven their commitment to excellent customer service while maintaining very competitive rates. The integration between Paladin and Vantiv allows you to process every payment through Paladin Point of Sale while keeping your customer card information completely secure.

Stop theft on both sides of the counter. Transaction data from Paladin is overlaid onto surveillance video by Watcher Total Protection. Search any event quickly to resolve cash back, amount tendered, and missing item disputes by customers. Validate returns. Verify each product is scanned and all payments are deposited in the till.

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