Time-saving point of sale for pet stores. Learn more.

Complete control of your inventory – your biggest investment.

Suggested Order™

You’ll spend less time price shopping, lower your overall investment in inventory, and still have the right amount of product on the shelves for your customers. 


Instant feedback about how your inventory is performing. The dashboard tools tell you where problems exist so you can take immediate action.

Slow Movers Report

Open up valuable shelf space by eliminating products that don’t sell. Create new space for the next hot product.


Save time by automating price changes when creating your next sales promotion. Mark down a few items or an entire department with a few mouse clicks. When the sale ends, all prices return to normal.


Get more tails wagging!

Give customers the best experience possible with these features in Paladin’s pet store point of sale.

Custom Pricing

Increase customer retention with special pricing for special customers. Reward your repeat customers with discounts on the products they need most often.

Return Wizard

Fast and painless returns with or without the original receipt. Built-in safeguards prevent return fraud.


Invoice Notes

Boost add-on sales by recording details about customer needs, preferences, and even the names of their pets. Remind customers you know who they are and what they like.

Credit Card On Hand

Make it easier for customers to spend and speed through checkout by keeping their credit card data securely in Paladin Point of Sale. Customers can sign and be on their way.

Customer Loyalty Program

Keep your customers coming back. Paladin’s royalty-free Rich Rewards™ takes care of awarding points and providing the incentive. Multiple options allow you to setup the program that works best for your business.

Interested in Learning How Installation Works?

Read a Complete Review

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Secure Credit Processing: Man’s New Best Friend

The latest encryption technology and security standards protect you, your business, and your customers from credit card fraud.


End2End Encryption

Encrypting credit card data as it moves between your store and the credit processor makes it useless to internet thieves.


PCI-DSS Certification

Built-in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.


Support for EMV or “Chip Cards”

Chip cards are nearly impossible for thieves to counterfeit. Enjoy greater security for you and your customers.

Need More Information Before Making a Decision?

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