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Paladin People – Jesse McCloskey

by | Sep 27, 2022

Working hard to keep stores running better

Jesse McCloskey hasn’t been at Paladin very long but he’s already having a lasting impact on the company and the stores he works with.

Jesse came to Paladin in February and in his seven months as part of Squad 1 he has developed a talent for supporting stores that are adding hardware and payment card devices. A number of the stores Jesse works with are implementing their point-of-sale systems and payment devices for the first time. Making everything work smoothly is a challenge Jesse takes personally.

“Technology is evolving at such a fast pace, it’s a challenge to get some stores to keep up with it. It’s good to be part of the effort to help the mom-and-pop shops keep up,” he says. “It makes their stores more efficient and effective and it gives the owners more time to enjoy life away from work.”

Challenges are something Jesse has never backed down from. He previously worked construction in New York City on a scaffolding crew despite being admittedly afraid of heights. He gained a lot of experience in high tech working on various telecommunications and fiber optics projects. Before joining Paladin, he served as a network administrator for a special education school district in Billerica, Massachusetts, a small town northwest of Boston.

Now Jesse, his wife Sunny, their kitty Misha, and pooch Ari, are solidly rooted in Central Oregon, which is home to Paladin’s support and development departments. He and coworker Stan Parrish have become specialists when it comes to working with payment processing providers.

Providing telephone support unfortunately robs Paladin clients the entertainment of watching Jesse work. His shoes get more use than his office chair and he talks as much with his hands as he does his words. Needless to say, when Jesse works with a client, he is passionate about it.

“When I hang up the phone, I want to have a pathway to solving a challenge or I want to have already done it,” he explains. “I want our clients to know we have their backs first.”

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