Volusion enhanced, Orgill SOH, United e-commerce added

​At Paladin, we believe strong local businesses are the cornerstones of healthy communities. So, our focus is on helping independent businesses run efficiently with less effort and that continues in some of our latest features and integrations.

We have enhanced our integration with Volusion, an e-commerce platform that creates online shopping capabilities for independent businesses. The coronavirus shutdowns and in-store shopping restrictions demonstrated how important it is to have integrated online and in-store sales. Our Volusion integration allows you to keep stock on hand levels up to date, add or remove online store items, track online sales and create customer accounts in Paladin, and more.  

Orgill stores will soon be able to check stock on hand at their regional distribution centers. This feature makes it easy to check the availability of products when ordering and adjust purchase orders depending on availability.

Another exciting new feature on the horizon is a Hardware Hank e-commerce integration for our friends at United Hardware. This integration will upload your store’s inventory data to a new Hardware Hank online store. That data will include prices and stock on hand.

We’re very excited about our continuing enhancements to Paladin. We’ll keep you updated as we add more features and integrations. 

Brian Bullock


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