Paladin Technical Support Representative Trevor Silwones and his dog Penny

Paladin People – Trevor Silwones

by | May 28, 2024

Trevor helps stores use Paladin to its fullest

Trevor Silwones has taken to his new role at Paladin like a duck to water. On the job for just six months, Trevor has become a fixture in Paladin’s Squad 2 support group which helps clients with software challenges.

“Understanding what the problem is, is a huge part of what we do. Seventy percent of the time you can solve the immediate problem. But if you can find out why it’s happening you can help them avoid it recurring or work with them and our training team together to help them utilize Paladin to its fullest,” Trevor explains. “Helping clients use Paladin correctly is better for everybody. We’re trying to address the cause, why something is happening, not address the symptoms.”

As with any retail point of sale and inventory management system, Paladin has a lot of layers. Its point of sale is simple to learn and use. But the deeper users dig into it, the more beneficial it becomes to their stores. Trevor’s job is to help store owners and managers address their challenges and unlock Paladin’s capabilities – to expand their horizons.

“Paladin is neat that way. If you just want to get up and running, it’s easy to use it that way. But it provides a lot of pathways for use and customization,” he says.

Trevor didn’t have to travel too far to find Bend, Oregon and Paladin’s development and support campus.  A native of Tacoma and Federal Way, Washington, he grew up in Newport, Oregon and spent two years at Oregon State in Corvallis studying a variety of topics. He eventually packed up his things and his faithful pooch, Penny, and made the move to Bend intent on working and continuing his education. When he discovered Paladin Data Corporation, he found a new focus.

“There’s a lot to Paladin. It’s a lot like a cell phone. You can go out and buy any phone and within a few minutes know how to work it. But when you get into higher functions there is so much more you can do it’s amazing,” he says.

Trevor’s inquisitive nature has helped him quickly learn the inner workings of Paladin. His calm, soft-spoken demeanor, and knowledge of the software serve him well supporting clients.

“Trevor is always eager to take on a challenge and his can-do attitude is contagious,” says Joe Walker, Squad 2 lead and Trevor’s supervisor.

“Overall, it’s been a pleasure to be here. This is a very welcoming, stress-free, and supportive environment to work in,” he says. “I like being challenged every day, so this has been a huge boon for me. I pick up a phone call and I never know what’s going to happen. It feels great to be able to help out.”

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