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Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM): Work from Anywhere with Paladin Pilot

by | Jan 30, 2020

Every hardware retailer is by now aware of how popular smart home products have become. The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) estimates the market for software and products that allow homeowners to control virtually every aspect of their home – from the heating and cooling system to security to what music will be playing when they open the door – will triple by 2022 reaching $63 billion in sales. Why should your business be any different? Our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool – Paladin Pilot – allows you to run your store from just about anywhere.

The same innovative technology that allows homeowners to turn on the lights and check on security before they walk in the front door is available for businesses. Today, store owners can control inventory, adjust employee schedules, check on deliveries, create product sales and promotions, and even do the daily receipts from just about anywhere.

  • Need to check on daily sales transactions, taxes or adjust your books? Do it while you’re at a supplier market or trade show.
  • Have an employee who needs emergency leave? Cover his shift from home with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Enjoying the warmth on a sunny beach? Place an order with your suppliers for additional patio umbrellas or drink coolers from your laptop.
  • Catching a few monsters on a fishing vacation? Share your joy by adjusting the prices of fishing gear and creating promotional advertising.

All of this and much more is possible from your remote retail platform with applications like Paladin Pilot that allows you to touch every aspect of your business whether you’re there or not.

For generations, the heart of every retail business was the cash register and the inventory ledger. Those tools were consolidated and automated when computerized point of sale systems were developed. Retail technology today extends far beyond the checkout stand and the warehouse or receiving dock.

A modern retail platform touches all business processes and access to them is available through remote business management applications.

“It’s a tool that allows business owners to manage their own network from anywhere they can get an internet connection,” said CJ June, Managed Services director at Paladin Data Corporation. “They are able to remote into the server computer and have full control of it just as if they were sitting in the office. Anything they could do at the computer they can do from home or wherever they log in from.”

The added control of Paladin Pilot:

  • Decreases downtime
  • Reduces the chances of a security breach
  • Lowers IT costs

Imagine being on a beach halfway around the world when your store runs into issues an assistant manager can’t resolve. With remote business management software, an owner can log into the store’s server and run the show just like they were in the back office. Vacation saved!

Business today is rarely a 9 to 5 job done at a single location. Even brick-and-mortar stores operate web stores that record sales 24/7. And often employees or contractors work from home or their own offices. Remote business management software like Paladin Pilot allows store owners or managers to keep track of what’s happening round the clock.

For business owners or managers on the go, it’s a good way to keep a finger on the pulse of their business without having to be there.

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