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Paladin Technology Powers Family’s Heritage Business

Contrary to the history lessons taught in U.S. elementary schools, the Pilgrims’ first steps off the Mayflower into North America were not onto Plymouth Rock. They first came ashore in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the tip of Cape Cod five weeks before moving on to Plymouth. Lands End Marine Supply in Provincetown hasn’t been around quite that long, but since 1940 the store has been a staple of the small, tight-knit community. And since 2020, Paladin Data Corporation has helped the store serve the residents of Provincetown.

Just like the town, there’s a lot of history with Lands End. Jeremy and Denise Page run the store for Jeremy’s stepfather, whose uncle opened the business before World War II to serve the local fishing community. More history: Denise is a Provincetown local whose roots trace back to the original Mayflower settlers.

Over the years, Lands End Marine Supply has transformed from fishing gear and marine supplies into something more. A lot more. It is now a True Value Hardware store and also serves as a department store for downtown Provincetown and Paladin helps the Pages manage it all.

“We still have marine and fishing supplies, but the front of the store has a lot of options for tourists,” Denise explains. “We try really hard to have things that, if people come here on vacation or they have a rental unit, if they can’t wait for Amazon or can’t drive an hour, we try to have it. From underwear to toiletries, towels, and coffee pots. It’s a spectacular hodge podge.”

Lands End Marine Supply’s first location was on the docks of Provincetown.

The store has such a wide variety of products, it uses roughly 70 suppliers. Jeremy says Paladin’s ability to handle multiple suppliers and its Suggested Order™ feature, which uses the store’s sales data and proprietary algorithms to provide order recommendations, is essential for him to keep the store stocked with the right mix of products, in the right amounts, at the right times of the year.

“Oh my gosh. We use Suggested Order for every one of our orders. It’s just awesome. It’s been a huge time-saver,” he says.

Saving time and maximizing effort is a big deal to Lands End. Like many coastal and resort communities, Provincetown has seen its housing market blow up, which squeezes out local workers and creates labor problems for stores. Even though Lands End has a lot of long-term employees, including one gentleman who has 35 years with the company, finding and keeping new workers has been problematic. So, anything that saves him time and effort in ordering, receiving and stocking is invaluable. Jeremy says Paladin’s integration with his suppliers, especially True Value and Orgill, help immensely.

Paladin is easy to learn, teach and use. That means new or seasonal employees can hit the ground running after just a little bit of training.

Paladin also provides a myriad of reports Jeremy and Denise use to monitor the performance of their business. They regularly used Paladin’s revenue reports – daily and comparative – transaction reports and more.

Paladin Pilot™ is another feature Jeremy and Denise said is indispensable. It allows store owners and managers to access their business network to essentially work remotely.

“Paladin Pilot is the best program I’ve ever used. It kind of started out being really helpful during COVID. Our kids are just old enough to get into the perfect kind of trouble. Paladin Pilot allowed me to work from the kitchen counter when the kids weren’t in school. Now, we use it all the time.”
Denise Page

Manager, Lands End Marine Supply

The weather can get harsh in Provincetown, but Lands End is always open to serve.

She says the remote capability also proves handy when the ferocious weather on the eastern seaboard shuts down everything.

The Pages said they switched Lands End Marine Supply to Paladin after being with another provider for several years.

“We paid for a lot of stuff we didn’t use. There was little tech support and you had to pay to escalate (requests for help),” Jeremy explains. “We checked around and Paladin just seemed to be the best fit for doing what we need without paying for all this other stuff.”

“We were a little nervous. When you switch to something that is less expensive, you think it’s great, but it might seem almost too good to be true,” Denise adds. “Paladin’s been great. We’ve saved a ton of money, it works great, and the customer support is by far the best that I’ve ever had. It’s been consistently good. We’ve been very impressed.”

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