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New RF Unit, clearance, and serialization functions, access to product images

Jun 26, 2024

Paladin is pleased to introduce a series of enhancements that make inventory control easier and improve the performance of your store.

We’ve expanded the functionality of Paladin’s integration with the Worth RF unit making it easier for you to identify non-performing products and set them up for clearance, therefore, creating revenue and clearing space for new inventory. The Clearance functionality, explained below, is part of the new RF unit 15-line enhancement that works through PaladinNsight™ in helping your store maximize inventory management.

We’ve also made True Value product images available to our True Value clients.

Do more with RF unit enhancement

The latest enhancement to our integration with the Worth 7000 RF (radio frequency) unit expands the capabilities of what you can do by adding extra functionality and dynamic (voice) prompts. This allows you to fully utilize the power of PaladinNsight™ inventory management right in the aisles of your store just by scanning a barcode and following a few prompts.

This new enhancement allows you to make wiser decisions when considering whether to restock products, how many to order, or when to put non-performing items on clearance. The new capabilities allow you to:

  • Quickly and easily evaluate inventory performance
  • Build working purchase orders without leaving the aisles
  • Use the Clearance function to place non-performing items on sale

Scanning an item’s barcode now shows users:

  • If items are overstocked, low on stock, or have a shrinkage warning, which are all noted by dynamic (voice) prompts
  • Last date sold
  • Minimum and maximum quantities for items
  • Suggested Order amounts
  • Build working purchase orders to restock items

See the RF Unit: 15 line functionality knowledge base article (KBA) on our Help Portal or view the Paladin webinar to learn how to activate the enhancement.

Clearance function

Unsold merchandise is the bane of every retailer. With this in mind, Paladin has added an enhancement to PaladinNsight™ that helps identify non-performing items, then sell them through clearance sales with progressively larger discounts, making sure these products are making you money and clearing space on your shelves.

Using the PaladinNsight™ dashboard, and/or your RF unit, you can set up products as clearance items. The PaladinNsight™ dashboard is located in Paladin’s Inventory module and is accessible to managers or other high-level employees.

View the Paladin webinar or learn more from the KBA on our Help Portal.

True Value, House-Hasson product images

Paladin is pleased to announce that True Value and House-Hasson stores now have access to their supplier’s product images directly inside the Paladin application.

The best news is you don’t need to do anything to gain access to these images, we’ve already done the work for you. All you need to do to view an image is open the Advanced Lookup window in the Invoice/Quote, Inventory, or PO modules, search for a product, then click the magnifying glass next to the Part Number. This works for both True Value and House-Hasson catalogs. Stores can also upload their own images into their available database.

To learn more about House-Hasson and True Value product images on our Help Portal.


It’s often necessary to track the sales or use of items such as guns, home electronics, power tools, or light equipment. Serial numbers are unique identifiers for individual items that can be used for inventory tracking which is a vital part of inventory control. They can be used for:

  • Managing warranty coverage
  • Maintaining ownership records
  • Supplier traceability
  • Enhanced accountability
  • Product recalls

Paladin has offered the ability to assign and track serial numbers for several years, but serial numbers can now be entered using the 15-line RF unit function.

Refer to the Serialization: Managing products with serial numbers KBA for complete instruction.

For serialization using a RF Unit 15 line, refer to the RF Unit: 15 line functionality KBA.

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