We’ve Enhanced our Integration with Point of Rental

We are always searching for ways to help our clients streamline their processes and improve their efficiencies. Our latest release updates our integration with Point of Rental letting stores speed up the rental transaction process by scanning contractscollecting payments and calculating taxes all within Paladin. 

This cloud-based solution lets stores smoothly track equipment use and maintenance along with quotes, contracts and customers. Paladin’s integration with Point of Rental Essentials gives stores the ability to close out rental paymentsstore accounting and tax calculations. 

How it works – When a cashier scans the customer’s rental contract, Paladin creates an invoice and calculates the sales tax. After the payment is processed, the invoice is saved in Paladin, a receipt is printed, and Point of Rental Essentials is automatically notified that the transaction is complete. Refunds are initiated in Point of Rental Essentials and Paladin will process the payment refund. 

Customer accounts are created in Paladin from rental details. Subsequent rentals from the same customer are associated with the same Paladin account. 

Verifone P400 Takes Checkout to New Level 

The latest device from Verifone makes customer checkout into a multimedia experience with a full-color touchscreen that can display video, product images or special offers. This slick new device – now available in our webstore – is EMV enabled, accepts a wide variety of payment types including mobile wallets and alternative local payment methods. It boasts an ultra-fast processor and has state-of-the-art security. 

Brian Bullock


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