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Do You BOGO? Buy One Get One Can Jump-Start Business

BOGOs – buy one, get ones are by far the most popular sales with American shoppers with 93% favoring them over any other kinds of discounts. Learn why they’re so effective and discover some other ways to jump-start sales during slow times.

Understanding the Importance of Inventory Management 

Understanding the importance of inventory management can lead to greater customer satisfaction, more sales and greater retail success. Learn about some of the common mistakes of inventory management and how to avoid them.

Bridging the Online to Offline Retail Gap

Customers are demanding. To paraphrase the popular Queen anthem, retail shoppers’ mantra has become “I want it all and I want it now!” And they often don’t care how they get it. They find products they want on your web store and either purchase it there, pick it up...

Is Old Computer Hardware Slowing Your Business Down?

Old hardware is pretty cool these days. Vintage cabinet pulls, antique hinges and light fixtures, and repurposed barn wood are the rage in giving new homes warmth and character. Old computer hardware isn’t cool at all, though, especially if it’s slowing your business...

Making Dynamic Digital Signs Work for You

Anybody who has watched a big-time college or professional sporting event has seen the real-time effectiveness of dynamic digital signs. After a player scores a touchdown, sinks a big three-pointer, or hits a home run, everybody in the stadium or arena, including the...

Improving Information Security for Small Businesses

When most people think of a cyberattack, they picture malicious malware or ransomware coming from the dark web to infiltrate their personal or business database, corrupting files, stealing information and generally wreaking havoc. However, it’s often something simple...

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