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Retail Theft Prevention is More Important than Ever

After weeks of pandemic fear, unfathomable sickness and death, social distancing, government-mandated isolation, societal shutdowns, and economic meltdowns, America and the rest of the world is reopening. People all over the world are anxious to get back to normal –...

Adjusting to a New Retail Employment Reality

No one knows where the staggering unemployment figures will top out, how much the economy will plunge, or when it will recover, but there are some strategies businesses can employ to weather the storm.

MPOS Speeds Checkout, Enhances Customer Experience

In the age of social distancing and restricted retail, anything that reduces customer contact and helps shoppers avoid checkout lines is a winner. That’s why mPOS – mobile point of sale solutions – is transforming brick-and-mortar retail.

Post-Coronavirus: Adapting to the New Retail Environment

Given the current state of society during the coronavirus outbreak, it’s easy to imagine life hesitantly, or maybe never, returning to normal. The disease will most likely impose a “new normal” when it comes to many aspects of life, especially the way we interact and...

BOPIS, Local Delivery Keys to Retail Survival

If you need to find a way to keep the cash registers ringing and your business running during the health and economic crisis, using strategies like BOPIS and local delivery can keep a business alive.

How to Make the Most of Supplier Markets

Supplier markets, conventions and annual product showcases are the most important road trips retail businesses make each year. These events allow owners and managers to discover the latest and greatest products, find the best deals to restock their stores, and network...

Four Reasons to Use Managed IT Service Providers

There are many reasons people start retail businesses. Among them are:  Be their own boss.  Create an ideal work/life balance.  Take a risk and enjoy the rewards. Follow a passion.  Fulfill a consumer need.  Enjoyment in helping people and giving back to...

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