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Improving Information Security for Small Businesses

When most people think of a cyberattack, they picture malicious malware or ransomware coming from the dark web to infiltrate their personal or business database, corrupting files, stealing information and generally wreaking havoc. However, it’s often something simple...

Mobile Technology is Not Just for Shopping

Consumers don’t have to be industry-savvy to know how much mobile technology is affecting the world of retail. Heck, cellular service providers focus their advertising more on how their networks will help you stream music, browse the internet and text friends than...

How to Avoid the Post-Holiday Sales Slump

Happy New Year! One of the best holiday shopping seasons in recent years is over, and many merchants are reaping the benefits. They’re also trying to figure out how to keep the momentum going into the winter months. Here are some ways to avoid the post-holiday sales...

What Retail Industry Trends are in Store for 2019

E-commerce companies opening brick-and-mortar stores. Walmart and Target trying to become chic. Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and robots showing up on sales floors. Mobile wallets adding momentum to the shift toward frictionless and cashless transactions....

Brick-and-Mortar Retail is Still Relevant

Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, once famously answered speculation that he had died during a visit to London with: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” The same could be said of brick-and-mortar retail businesses. Despite the long-running...

Retail Fraud Prevention is a Journey Not a Destination

OK. You’re an independent retailer, also known as a small business, which is OK because 99% of businesses in the United States are classified as small. You’ve taken several steps to protect your pride and joy against retail fraud, also known as shoplifting, payment...

How to Increase Revenue with Upselling Techniques

“Do you want fries with your burger?” It’s a question probably as old as hamburgers themselves, and the sandwiches date back to the 1750s. It’s also one of the most common examples of upselling techniques that can increase a retailer’s revenue as quickly as the...

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