RS Radar: Customer Outreach Has Never Been More Important

Customer outreach has probably never been more important in the retail industry. As the world’s attempt to regain some post-pandemic normalcy repeatedly hiccups, the way people shop has been most likely forever altered. 

People who previously shopped in their favorite local markets, now regularly buy groceries without ever setting foot in a store. They can virtually try out everything from flooring to footwear on their laptops, and purchase furniture and redecorate their homes using their smartphones. That means customer outreach for stores must change, too. 

America’s shift to the suburbs and more rural towns has also affected small businesses. Zoom towns – rural cities infused with residents by the pandemic-fueled work-at-home trend – brought new people to small towns and businesses. 

Regardless of the circumstances, shoppers changed their habits or locations and that often includes trying new stores or new brands. This means that stores must try new ways to reach out to longtime customers and newcomers alike. 

In its May edition, Hardware Retailing offers a simple marketing strategy that we like to both reach out to new shoppers and build customer loyalty. It applies to any retail businessIt doesn’t require a huge investment in new equipment or consultantsIt just requires an adjustment of strategy and a shift of focus.

Brian Bullock