Bring Back Simple

Remember when things just worked?

The Secret to a Simple Point of Sale

Technology is supposed to make life easier. So why is it so darned complicated? And what can you do about it?

Start by choosing Paladin as your simple point of sale vendor. Our driving goal is to “bring back simple” for independent pharmacies, hardware stores and other retail businesses. We do this by creating simple point of sale solutions that not only deliver the industry’s most compelling capabilities and features but also “work well with others,” making it easier to run your business.

Integrations Save a Lot of Time



Leverage the power of Paladin Point of Sale without being locked into specific general ledger (GL) software. A Paladin solution works seamlessly with your current GL or lets you choose a new one that’s best suited to your needs.


The right program helps build loyalty and encourages customers to spend their hard-earned dollars with you. With Paladin, you can use an existing rewards program or create one of your own.

Payment Processing

Shoppers benefit from the convenience of multiple card-payment options and a faster checkout process. You benefit from streamlined operations, options for fee-free activation and competitive processing rates.

Paladin’s Inventory Secrets

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Work With Your Preferred General Ledger Software

When it comes to General Ledger software, one size does not fit all. Different products are designed to address very different needs, based on your business’s size, complexity and budget constraints. So don’t get locked into a GL (General Ledger) package that far exceeds your needs just because it’s bolted on to the point-of-sale system you’re planning to buy.

Instead, choose Paladin POS, which integrates with many widely used GL products including Peachtree and QuickBooks. Thanks to Paladin’s integration expertise, compliance with data standards, and extensive testing, you can be confident your POS data will flow smoothly to your preferred GL, without requiring you to reconfigure your software or change your accounting processes.

If you’re transitioning from a single-vendor solution that yokes together accounting and POS functions, Paladin gives you the freedom to choose both the best POS and integrate the best GL for your needs.

If you’re happy with your current GL software, keep it. Or choose a new one based solely on the merits of the product.

Deploy Paladin POS without disruption and without requiring users to abandon well-established processes.

Leverage Paladin Point of Sale’s strengths in handling large quantities of data and supplying the GL with short, succinct summaries of the day’s activities.

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Keep Customers Happy And Attract New Shoppers With Incentives

Your store profits most from existing customers. Offer your customers something that will keep them coming back.


Chances existing customer will buy.


Chances new customer will buy.

Why do loyalty programs matter? They help you advertise, present specials to your customers, and give them a reason to spend more at your store. Loyalty programs inspire devotion and give customers something to look forward to. Learn more about why loyalty programs work here.

Paladin Point of Sale gives you the freedom to use your chosen loyalty program or the program included in your monthly subscription. Paladin Point of Sale is certified with the following programs:

Stores Running Ace Rewards

Stores running Do It Best Rewards

Paladin’s makes the integration process smooth. Data from your POS flows seamlessly to your loyalty programs from Day 1. Getting started with a loyalty program causes no disruptions for your customers or staff. It’s easy to set up, use, and incorporate into your store. Our loyalty program is so easy to maintain, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Integrated Payment Processing

Reduce the risk of losing money on approved transactions.

Before you choose a “low-cost” solution for payment processing, consider the hidden costs. The greatest potential cost is lost revenue: with some solutions, transactions that have already received an approval code may be disallowed later, due to human error when entering card data or network interruptions during payment processing.

Beyond this very real financial loss, a solution that’s not integrated with your POS will also result in slower checkouts and extra keystrokes for card purchases, dual receipts requiring extra records storage, and re-keying errors that must be reconciled at day’s end, before funds can be settled.

Accept all types of payment without worry.

Get Code & Get Paid

Paladin is a simple point of sale that eliminates all these headaches with integrated payment-processing options that let you choose the mix of features that work best for your business. A one-step checkout eliminates re-keying errors, while redundant systems protect against network interruptions. Together, these features help ensure that if you’re issued an approval code, you’ll be paid for the transaction.


One-step checkout process.


Work with any payment processor you prefer.


Handles credit, debit, and gift cards.


Electronic signature capture option.


Automated batch settling.

Hardware Store Credit Card Q&A

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Pharmacy Credit Card Q&A

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