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Diversify Your Supply Chain to Protect Your Business

It’s not wise to place all your supply chain eggs in a single basket. It’s also smart to have the ability and data you need to change your ordering processes quickly and efficiently. That’s why having a diversified supply chain with products coming from different parts of the world is so important to businesses today.

Doing Business After Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 is at its end of life. Microsoft will no longer update or support the operating system after January 14, 2020. While it may not seem like such a life-altering event for a 10-year-old software, consider that April 2019 figures from NetMarketShare, which tracks usage of web technologies, show that 36.43% of desktops and laptops still use the platform. For those users, it’s time to consider how you’ll do business after Windows 7 passes away.