Retail Store Point of Sale

Outmaneuver Your Competitors

Being bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Turn Your Strengths Into a Competitive Edge

As an independent retailer, how do you stay a step ahead of big chain stores and online retailers? Let Paladin’s retail store point of sale solution transform your strengths into a definite advantage.

Excellent customer service

Appealing to the community

Being able to adapt quickly

Personalize Your Store

The Paladin’s retail store point of sale solution automatically tracks and manages your inventory. By knowing what your customers are looking for, you can give them the extra care that increases sale and attracts repeat business.

Paladin Specializes In:

Increasing ROI on Your Inventory Investments

Enhancing the Shopping Experience for Customers

Ensuring Ease of Use and Simplicity for Employees

Supporting Compliance and Tax Collection

Retail store point of sale
With 36 years’ experience in the field, we have “baked in” the best practices used by the most successful stores. Now you can manage your store more effectively and profitably.

Years Experience

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Let Paladin Point of Sale Manage Your Inventory

Benefits for Your Retail ROI

As an independent retailer, time is one of your most valued assets. Thankfully, Paladin retail store point of sale completely automates complicated inventory optimization procedures that take up precious time, making retail ROI easier to gage. The system easily works in sync with your accounting system. We even make training your employees simple and easy. And if a problem ever arises, our service representatives are always there to help.

Benefits for Your Customers

When you spend less time dealing with complicated inventory procedures and retail ROI, you have more time to focus on your other most valued asset: customers. They appreciate being served by knowledgeable employees and then getting on their way with quick checkouts. Paladin allows you to provide better customer service and give quick replies to their inventory questions, while automatically keeping your store stocked.


Optimize stocking levels for your entire inventory.

Paladin’s unique Suggested Order feature utilizes past sales history and your forecasted needs to ensure the right quantity of every product is on your shelves at the right time.

Boost revenue.

Reduce out-of-stock situations, which cost you sales, and by replacing overstocks and laggard products with items that are in high demand.

Improve your ROI.

Paladin Point of Sale manages your inventory more aggressively for a better return on your inventory investment.

We have features for multi site stores too!

Paladin Point of Sale