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Retail POS Software

More Profit with Less Risk

Intelligent inventory management within Paladin’s hardware point of sale puts the right products on the shelves without tying up money in overstock.


Suggested Ordering

Eliminate hours of price shopping, lower your inventory investment, and keep the right mix of products on hand.


Monitor the performance of your inventory in real-time. Use the built-in tools to identify problem areas requiring your attention.


Slow Movers Report

Create more space in your store by eliminating products that don’t sell. Replace them with items that will make you money.


Automate sales weeks in advance. PromoBuilder will mark down an entire department, a few items, or the entire store. All prices return to normal after the sale. Nothing to forget. PromoBuilder does it all.

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Designed to be Simple

Easy access to all functions with Paladin’s user friendly graphic display.

Minimal Training

New users become productive in a short period of time.

Large Icons

Easy to read and understand. Users find what they need quickly.


Move smoothly from one function, to another, and back again.

Make it Easy for Customers to Spend More

Fast Checkout

Paladin’s user friendly graphic display, barcode scanners, and credit card readers work together to move customers through check-out as quickly as possible.

Custom Pricing

Create custom pricing plans for individual customers. Offer to-the-trade, frequent buyer, or percentage based discounts, while Paladin helps you protect your profit margin.

Credit Card on Hand

Customers spend freely and speed through checkout with their credit card data is securely stored in Paladin Point of Sale.

Project Account Management

Help your contractors keep track of purchases for individual jobs. Strengthen your relationship with these important customers by helping them improve cost accounting.


Reliable | Trusted | Intelligent

Our clients count on Paladin’s hardware point of sale to keep track of their inventory, their customers, and allow them to access the information they need to run their business better.

“One of my employees swore he would never operate a computer. He now teaches me how to do point of sale transactions”.

Lance Cox

Coos Curry Supply

“I can now truthfully recommend my P.O.S. system to people and feel really good about it”.

Joe DiSano

Village Ace Hardware

We’re doing more inventory management and not having too much on hand to have all our money sitting in the basement”.

Jo Lynn Weist

Weist Hardware

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