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pos case study - circle s hardware

“There were a lot of features that made the choice easy.”
– Heath Schultz

Heath Schultz


Circle S Hardware
27206 FM 2978 Rd
Magnolia, TX 77354

Phone: (281) 356-7970

Paladin is Worth it
Circle S Hardware reduced monthly support costs while saving time and simplifying procedures.
A Simple Solution Enters the Picture
Paladin’s simple and straightforward procedures, along with efficient customer support, made the transition easy. Circle S saved $600/month in subscription fees and significantly reduced the time and effort required to maintain their POS system.
Out with the Old, in with the New
High recurring support fees and complicated procedures prompted owner Heath Schultz to look for a new point of sale system. He was drawn to Paladin due to its lower cost and ease of use.
About Circle S Harware
Circle S Hardware opened in 1992 and is independently owned and operated. Their four-building operation resides on over two acres outside of Houston, TX.

“…all transactions are simple to complete with minimal steps.”
– Heath Schultz

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pos case study - circle s hardware

“There were a lot of features that made the choice easy.”
– Heath Schultz

A Simple Solution Enters the Picture

Heath chose Paladin mainly due to its low cost and ease of use. Among the features that made Paladin an easy choice were the ability to email invoices and statements, the rewards and gift card programs, and the ability to import new inventory in just a few simple steps. Having older employees that struggled with computers, the option to use the system with or without a touch screen was a huge selling point.

Great customer service is vitally important. Schultz values being able to speak with just one person when he needs to call Paladin support. He doesn’t have to be routed through a labyrinth of technicians.

The benefits Circle S Hardware has enjoyed since switching to Paladin include:

Significant monthly subscription savings

Simple procedures for importing inventory

Customer support questions answered by one person

Easy maintainance within the system

Paladin’s Rich Rewards program

Option to use the system with or without touch screens

Integrated gift card system

Simple, straightforward procedures that save time and money

The ability to email statements and invoices

Customer service

Paladin is Worth it

Circle S Hardware has benefited in a number of ways since making the switch to Paladin. The most measurable is the $600 per month in support fees that no longer has to pay. The time and money saved in operating and maintaining the system has resulted in just as much return on investment, if not more. Moving from a complicated system where processes were lengthy and convoluted to Paladin’s simple, straightforward operation has translated to time and money savings and much less frustration.

“Customer service is very important, and let me tell you, it is very nice to be able to call and speak with one person.”
– Heath Schultz

hardware transaction

“The time and cost to operate and maintain our system has been reduced dramatically since implementation.”
– Heath Schultz

Out with the Old, In with the New

Circle S Hardware used another POS system for six years before switching to Paladin in Fall of 2012. Schultz was prompted to make a change after spending an untold amount of money on his old system, plus paying support fees in excess of $900/month. While each new software release would offer new features, they would incur additional support fees if implemented. On top of that, the system became too complex and time-consuming to operate.

While transactions with the old system were fairly simple, everything else about the old system was “a nightmare.” Loading inventory was very difficult, requiring multiple steps and several support calls. Most of the time, calls had to be transferred to a more skilled technician, resulting in very long phone calls.

Switching to Paladin Point of Sale saved Circle S Hardware from these difficulties and provided a system that was simple to use.

hardware store sign - open

About Circle S Hardware

Circle S Hardware has been independently owned and operated by the Schultz family since 1992, when Marvin Schultz saw a need for a community hardware store in Magnolia, TX, a small town about 45 miles northwest of Houston. In 2002, Marvin sold the business to his son Heath, whose extensive retail experience has helped foster the customer-friendly atmosphere that keeps people coming back. What began as a one-building, half-acre operation eventually expanded to four buildings on over two acres, offering a wealth of products and services for their community.

The store is advertised as “way more than a hardware store,” and the products and services offered certainly live up to that claim. Schultz believes in the value of face-to-face interactions with customers and extended hours. Circle S Hardware is open seven days a week, and when Schultz is not out making deliveries, he’s in the store working with customers. The store’s mantra is: “If we don’t have it, we will get it. If we can’t get it, they don’t make it.”

Circle S Hardware’s products and services include lawn and garden, plumbing, electrical and home improvement products, culverts and septic supplies, U-Haul rentals, fishing and hunting supplies, and sharpening services.

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