Centralized Management for Multi-stores

1 to 100 Stores, Paladin Will Scale Your Business

Multi Site POS

Our secure and powerful multi-store offering provides a real-time view of a single location or your entire business.

Inventory Management

Capitalize on your inventory investment with centralized management across all locations. Transferring products in real-time between stores is a breeze with automated back office and accounting adjustments.


View how your enterprise is operating individually, by store or as a group in real-time with a wide range of valuable performance metrics!

Customer Friendly

Customer loyalty and charge accounts sync across all stores allowing your customers to shop at any location without needed unique accounts.

Market Driven Inventory Management™

Meet customer demand, quickly assesses inventory performance, and uncover under-performing products.


Suggested Ordering

The sales history of each store is used to keep the right mix of products on hand and reduce your inventory investment.


A real-time overview of inventory performance. Built to help you locate problem areas in your inventory that need your attention.

Slow Movers Report

Uncover hidden shelf space by finding and eliminating products that don’t sell. Fill that space with items that sell.

Reduce Ordering Time with Supplier Integrations

Paladin Multi Site POS sends orders directly to many suppliers and wholesalers through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Orders are made through EDI are confirmed electronically.

Designed to be Simple

Easy access to all functions with Paladin’s user-friendly graphic display.

Easy to Learn

Little time is required to make new users confident and productive.

Easy to Read

Big icons are easy to understand and help users find what they need quickly.

Easy to Use

The main screen allows quick access to a variety of essential functions.

Paladin Mobile Access™Mobile

A real-time connection between your stores and your tablet or smartphone

Analyze | Compare today’s sales numbers to last year.

Look up | Access sales and inventory data on any item at any store.

Forecast | Full access to Paladin’s stock needs calculator.

Making the Switch to Paladin Multi Site POS Is Easy

Your new Paladin Multi Site POS system is ready to go to work.


Your Store Data is Pre-Installed

Technicians convert and install data from your old system for you so Paladin Multi Site has full access to data from day one.


Dedicated Support Throughout the Process

A project manager will be assigned to answer your questions and help during installation and after your stores go-live.


Answers When You Need Them

Our technical support staff is ready to help you learn and do more with Paladin Multi Site POS.

Tested | Trusted | Reliable

Paladin Point of Sale has enabled hundreds of businesses to improve their inventory management, take better care of their customers, and provide access to information they need to run their business better.

“Paladin POS is the best POS system I’ve ever had in my stores. I’m always amazed Paladins capability to respond.”

Joe DiSano

Village Hardware

“The Paladin system is easy enough to use that it doesn’t put a load on me to make the thing work. Paladin just makes my life easier.”

George Dickson

Berkshire Ace Hardware

Paladin Point of Sale