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Managing a lumber and building materials (LBM) business brings its own set of unique challenges. With over 36 years of LBM experience, Paladin understands these challenges and meets them with an accurate, simple lumber point of sale solution.


Thousand Board Foot Conversion

Easily convert “mill unit” pricing to “customer each” pricing. Quickly calculate costs in thousand board foot, thousand square foot, tons, or multiples.

Yard Orders

Protect confidential contractor prices while ensuring vehicles are loaded accurately. Yard orders include all sale details except pricing information and payment method.

Job Account Management

Build your relationship with contractors by helping them track purchases for individual projects. Historical invoices for any job can be created upon request.

Lumber-Specific Special Orders

Create special orders across multiple suppliers for any item with space for special instructions. Once received, the landed cost is updated to match receiving cost.

Custom Pricing

Set-up custom pricing for individual accounts. Strengthen customer loyalty with special pricing and volume discounts. Use discounts to encourage prompt payment on charge accounts.

Construction Bundles and Kits

Increase invoice totals by grouping a large product with important add-on items under a single part number. Save time at checkout and maintain correct inventory counts.

How does Paladin save time & money?

Profit Analyst

When creating or adjusting a quote, Profit Analyst shows cost, margin and profit for each item, along with the quote or invoice total. You select who has access to price sensitive information.

Margin Protection

You can assign a minimum margin across the board or at the department level during discounts or promotions. Empower cashiers be providing a discount range while still protecting your margin.

Return Wizard

Scan the receipt barcode to instantly recall the original sale. No receipt? Find the original sale using customer or product information. Add serial numbers on big ticket items for additional protection and warranty claims. Other safeguards are in place to prevent return fraud.

Tally Calculator

Enter length and the quantity to produce the total lineal footage to be invoiced or quoted. Our lumber point of sale system accommodates both lumber and rolled metal products, Tally amounts are easily updated if the supply is altered.

What else can Paladin’s lumber point of sale do?

Open Item or Balance Forward Accounting

Statements list all unpaid invoices so you can apply payments and credits to specific invoices. Alerts keep you on top of aging invoices.

Customer Loyalty Program

Engage customers with our royalty-free loyalty program. Keep customers coming back with sales and rewards.

Recalling Statements and Invoices

Email statements, transaction records, and special orders to multiple customers with one click, or automatically with monthly statements.

Quotes and On-Hold Tickets

Set aside product with Paladin’s on-hold feature. Inventory is adjusted in real time. If costs change between the order and delivery, you can bill at the quoted price or update it with the new pricing.

Read What Other Paladin Users Have to Say

“I am very, very pleased with Paladin. It’s just really, really good for my business. It’s right up there with my forklift when it comes to equipment I couldn’t do without. And this is my third POS system.”

Kip Jorgensen

Owner, Home Lumber and Supply

“The time and cost to operate and maintain our system has been reduced dramatically since the implementation of Paladin.”

Heath Schultz

Owner, Circle S. Hardware

“The system is very manageable.  You don’t need a tech degree or a background in software to figure it out. Using the system is very easy and intuitive.”

Juan Esparzo

Employee, White Lumber & Supply, Inc.

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