Rich Rewards™

Paladin's Built-In Loyalty Program

Why is a Customer Loyalty Program So Important?

A customer loyalty program will strengthen your relationship with your customers. Customers with a strong relationship with your store are more likely to refer your business to others, follow reciprocation principals, return more often, and spend more.

Happy, loyal customers want your business to succeed.

It’s Easy to Get Started

No additional monthly fee!

Paladin’s Rich Rewards™ customer loyalty program is royalty-free, which means that we are not charging you anything for this!

Customize your cards

You can choose to use our default character “Rich” from Rich Rewards™, or you can design your own cards. We even have a graphic designer that can help you design your cards. Add your business logo and information to the card too!

No installation necessary

Rich Rewards™ is already installed with Paladin. All you need to do is have one of our Paladin technicians activate it for you.

Customize the rewards amount

You get to choose what rewards your customers can earn based on how much they spend. You set the numbers!

How the Program Works

Customers opt-in

You can opt-in customers, or have them fill out a short application form to opt-in to your customer loyalty program.

They Get a Card

You give the customers one of your well-deigned cards.

They Use the Card (or their phone number)

Each time customers shop at your store, they use their card to earn rewards. If they forget their card, no big deal, just look them up by phone number.

Customers Earn & Use Rewards

After making some purchases at your store, the customer will automatically receive a rewards coupon code on their receipt. They can apply that code to their next purchase.

Keep customers coming back with Rich Rewards™!

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