Boudreaux's New Drug Store

Success Story

Doug Boudreaux’s grandfather opened his drug store in Lake Charles in 1923 and the business has been a leader in the Louisiana pharmacy industry ever since. What began as a traditional pharmacy has evolved into one that offers custom compounding, holistic wellness, and herbal and homeopathic remedies. 

During that evolution, Boudreaux’s was the first pharmacy in Louisiana to utilize a computer, which pharmacist and store manager Stacy Teer says “was as big as a room,” to dispense medications. It was also one of the first pharmacies in the state to have a sterile room to make medications used for intravenous and ophthalmic uses. 

Retail technology upgrade 

Boudreaux’s New Drug Store chose Paladin Data Corporation as its technology provider in 2012 and uses the intuitive retail platform to serve their loyal following of customers. The store utilizes its integration with PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) and its pharmacy management service. 

Paladin’s pharmacy solution integrates smoothly with leading Rx systems. Customer information is retrieved and returned securely to a store’s Rx system after transactions are complete. 

Paladin makes compliance automatic and simple, conforming to all governmental and insurance regulations. It automatically conveys requests for HIPAA signatures whenever necessary, streamlines the purchase of IIAS-eligible and non-eligible pharmacy products and connects directly to the NPLEx database during checkout to track pseudoephedrine purchases.  

It also makes ordering faster with integrations to leading wholesalers including RDC, Cardinal Health, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen. 

“Paladin is great. It’s very user-friendly. Hands down, it’s very simple for us to use,” Stacy says. 

“Paladin is great. It’s very user-friendly. Hands down, it’s very simple for us to use.”

Stacy Teer

Pharmacist, Boudreaux's New Drug Store

Over the years, Boudreaux’s and its pharmacists have received many awards for compounding, innovation and service from the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. Doug and Stacy have both earned honors as Innovative Pharmacist of the Year from the Louisiana Pharmacist Association.  

“We specialize in customized medications and work with local physicians to meet the needs of their patients,” Stacy explains. “We create things here. We have a state-of-the-art lab and we make things from scratch.”  

Since its inception, Boudreaux’s has been the quintessential independent neighborhood pharmacy serving a wide range of loyal customers. Over the past 15 years, the business has focused on offering a holistic approach to its customers’ health. 

“That’s where a lot of medicine is going,” Stacy says. “People don’t want to take medicines if they don’t have to and rightfully so. They want alternative therapies and want to maintain their health.” 

The store features shelves of specialized homeopathic and holistic medicines along with some traditional over-the-counter products. Boudreaux’s focus is on servicing its customers as compassionately and effectively as possible. Paladin’s pharmacy solution smooths customer checkout making that job easier. 

Take the time to listen to your customers. That goes a long way. Be compassionate. Engaging with them is very important.” 

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