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Liam Flynn may only be 24 years old, but don’t confuse lack of years with a lack of knowledge or ability. Liam is one of Paladin Data Corporation’s technical service representatives and even though he is relatively young and new to the company, his driven mindset, desire to learn, and his ability to help solve challenges have already earned him rave reviews from his customers. (Paladin Post addition: It’s also the reason he was chosen as Paladin’s Employee of the Quarter.) 

“I understand that in order to make life better for our customers, I need to provide a tremendous amount of value. When they’re calling in with a question or concern or they just need help with something, I want to go above and beyond to provide them the support they need,” Liam says. 

A native of Redmond, Oregon, Liam earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Oregon State University in 2018. He returned home and went to work at Paladin’s corporate headquarters in Bend, a short 20-minute drive south. 

Liam spends his days both supporting Paladin customers and learning more about the company and its products. When he’s not on the phone solving a challenge, he’s in the Paladin fulfillment department learning about the technical aspects of the hardware. 

“Before coming to Paladin, I wasn’t very computer savvy. But I’ve picked up a good amount just from working over there. It’s just a great, great group of people to be around,” he says about the Fulfillment Department. Paladin provides a wide range of hardware, everything needed to run a retail business.  

Liam likes to dig in and get his hands dirty. Recently, while on a support call with a client, he took the cover off his own PC to describe the process. They worked through the issue – checking to see if a SATA cable between the hard drive and the motherboard was working properly – together to solve a challenge. 

“My squad leader, he takes apart computers. So, I was able to get some information from him and our Fulfillment Department. It’s a good team environment. I have a lot of good theoretical knowledge, but a lot of people here have honed a specific set of skills for a long period of time. That helps me develop those skills as well,” he explains. 

Liam’s focus and dedication to helping his clients have earned him the respect of his peers, supervisors and clients. He is regularly the recipient of glowing comments from clients in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. 

“He’ll dig deep to find an answer for his customers. He has a cadence. He doesn’t really slow down or stop. When he’s working, you can see how driven he is. He’s humble and he’s just a great teammate,” says Mike Horn, Liam’s supervisor. 


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